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Lost Tribe is Unsound

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Lost Tribe Unsound Distort Reality Records

Something dark stirs in the seat of the old South. Richmond’s Lost Tribe arise to engulf the listener in the dark glory of death rock. On Unsound, Lost Tribe effectively melds the post-punk of Warsaw and Killing Joke with elements of The Mob, TSOL, 45 Grave and even Amebix. The title track opens with eerie organ that quickly falls away to sharp drumming, a throbbing baseline and driving, angular guitar work. The vocals conjure images of TSOL with just a bit of Glen Danzig thrown in. The B-side, Lost Mind, brings to mind The Mob with just a touch of Vex and Zounds thrown in. The rhythm section really does its job here, pushing the track along at a frantic pace before pulling back as it trails off like mist into the ether.

Check the band out here. Their first LP is available from the fine people at Blind Prophet records here. Readers in the US may have a chance to see the band live as they intend to tour this fall:

Lost Tribe Fall US tour (as of July):

Asheville, NC Thursday Oct 25.
Atlanta, GA Friday Oct 26
New Orleans, Lo Saturday Oct 27
Houston, TX Sunday Oct 28
Mc Allen, TX Monday Oct 29
San Antonio, TX Tuesday Oct 30
Austin, TX Wednesday Oct 31
Denton, TX Thursday Nov 1
St Louis, MO Friday Nov 2
Chicago, IL Saturday Nov 3
Cleveland, OH Sunday Nov 4
Pittsburgh, PA Monday Nov 5

For those wishing to learn more about death rock, many 0s and 1s have been spilled discussing its history but none give it quite the treatment of Souciant’s excellent Oliver Sheppard. His brief history of American deathrock can be found here. We also recommend looking elsewhere on Souciant as you will encounter his interview with the ghouls of Lost Tribe.

-Captain of Games

Dispatch #3

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The good people at have reprinted the Captain’s article on Kristian Vikernes. Head over there and check it out, along with the masses of other interesting stuff that they post.