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Review: Enewetak

Posted in Reviews with tags , , , on September 30, 2012 by Magadh

Enewetak The Easy Rider Sessions, Volume III

King of the Monsters

Enewetak, like its namesake atoll, were an explosive force in 90’s hardcore. Their style ran the gamut from grindcore to grooved out sludge. It was with great pleasure I noticed King of the Monsters was releasing the final installment of the Easy Rider Sessions as a 3 song 7″.

Side A begins with “the party song” which opens with a sleepy Black Sabbath riff that gradually builds until Pat’s raspy vocals, coupled with a punishing groove, push the track into overdrive. The boogie of the Sabbath riff persists throughout the track and melds well with the rest of the instrumentation.

The last track on Side A, “death lies in ashes” is classic Enewetak. The tracks starts slowly enough but builds in intensity as raspy vocals give way to cookie monster grind. The whole nasty affair ends with a sparse keyboard outro.

Side B is wholly comprised of the discs standout track, “rulers of the world”. The track effortlessly melds the darker aspects of Blue Oyster Cult with Black Sabbath while adding a mix of hardcore and grind. “rulers” builds to a soaring intensity as the underling stoner riff is coupled with some devastating licks before eventually dropping down into the Sabbath/Cult sludge.

From start to finish this is a solid release. If this is to be the last we hear of the mighty Enewetak it will serve as a fitting epitaph.

– Captain of Games