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Posted in Heads Up with tags , , , , on June 27, 2012 by Magadh

People who follow this blog will know that we are committed to the d.i.y. ethic and the acquisition of free stuff. I’ve recently been turned on to this site calling itself Crust-Demos. They are not kidding. The people who do this (I really can’t imagine that it’s just one person) have compiled and incredible amount of listings for demos and records from over 40 countries. For those of you who used to love spending time perusing the demo listings in the back of MRR, this site will really be a treat.

I’ve already pounced on the few things from this site. You’ll be seeing some reviews of stuff soon, for instance of the Slovenian band Hellcrawler (imagine Slovenia’s answer to Moment Maniacs). But I just thought I’d provide a little flavor of what’s on offer.

On the front page just now is a demo from the Finnish crust band Squalor. Six cuts of crusty, ripping thrash that sound like they were recorded on a boombox, but hey, the price is certainly right. This is the kind of thing that really epitomizes the punk ethos of the 1980s. You have to really love this kind of music, but if you do this site is absolutely overflowing with cool stuff.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to head back there now. I may never leave the bunker again.