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Golden Shower of Fascism: Naer Mataron’s Bassist Elected to Greek Parliament

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The bassist of forgettable Greek black metal band Naer Mataron seems to have fulfilled Varg Vikernes’ political dream. In an April 21, 2012 screed entitled, “War in Europe: Part IV – Si vis pacem, para bellum”  Vikernes wrote:

Do not just sit back and relax and wait for us to emerge victorious though. Keep on fighting; spread the truth, resist the lie-propaganda of the enemy and help others do the same. And most importantly; only vote for strongly anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist Nationalist parties! If they do not exist, start them up yourselves, and cooperate with all others who do the same, whether you like them personally or not, or infiltrate and take over the Zionist “Nationalist” parties en masse. If you cannot openly tell the truth without the risk of persecution use the term “banker” instead of “Jew”, and they cannot touch you. Talk about “culture” and “language” instead of “race”, talk about “keeping the diversity” instead of “the threat to your nation”, and so forth. They cannot touch you if you do, and most Europeans will understand what you mean by this anyhow. We Europeans are perhaps too kind and naive for our own good, but we are not stupid – and most of us are sick and tired of being treated like inferior human beings in our own countries.

If you want to hang someone or shoot them in the back of the head, for betraying their own race or for attacking our nations with coward and dishonest means, I understand you very well, but please wait until after we have won, when you can do this lawfully. There is enough rope for all of them, and bullets too, so just be patient. They will hang soon enough anyhow. And their brainwashed offspring too. And their f***ing dogs.

P.S. In case you wonder; I cannot start up any party in Norway myself, because of my criminal record.

Leaving aside Vikernes’ amusing predilection to use Latin, the language of tribal Europe’s Roman conquerors, it does appear Greece’s Golden Dawn is just the kind of party Vikerenes endorses. How happy he must be Naer Mataron’s Giorgos Germenis, user of the charming stage name Kaiadas (the valley where “unfit” Spartan children were thrown to their death) was elected Golden Dawn MP for the Greater Athens district during the 5/6/12 elections. In recent days, Golden Dawn have revealed themselves to be neolithic bullies, something their fellow Greeks already suspected.

On June 6, 2012 Ilias Kasidiaris, a 41 year old self proclaimed weight lifting enthusiast, former Greek special forces soldier and Golden Dawn MP, assaulted 2 female MPs from left wing parties live on Greek television. Kasidiaris first threw a glass of water at Rena Dourou before rising from his chair and striking Lana Kanelli three times. Showing his true colors, Kasidiaris then fled the studio. Eleni Raikou, state prosecutor for Greece, has issued an arrest warrant for Kasidiaris. Golden Dawn have steadfastly refused to condemn Kasidiaris’ actions.

Readers seeking additional coverage of Giorgos Germenis election can find it here; The Guardian has video of Kasidiaris assault on Kanelli (w/ video) here. Readers are also invited to draw their own conclusion as to Vikerenes’ support for Kasidaris’ actions but one can have little doubt as to his support for his politics and those of Giogros Germenis.

– Captain of Games