A thousand trivialities
To keep you occupied
A thousand trivialities
To keep you stupefied

–Discharge, “Hype Overload”

Welcome to A Thousand Trivialities, brought to you from a bunker located far below the smoking ruins of Western culture. From time to time, we like to poke our heads outside the bulkhead door, if only to see if any eddies within the matrix have developed. If you are reading this you are one of the “lucky” ones. Perhaps your coding didn’t take. Perhaps you are unsuited to the environment into which you have been inserted. Perhaps you are just another dysfunctional unit, awaiting replacement and reconfiguration. From the perspective of one’s own location, it can be difficult to orient oneself within the flow of information. Our goal is to assist you in this process. Music, art, electronics, dissident culture, all can become tools for the reorientation of consciousness. A new order is fast approaching, one which seeks to square up the disorderly fragments of actually existing humanity. It is unclear to us for how long this order can be resisted.

We are Legion….join us!

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