A Note on Reviews

I thought I might say a couple of words about our review policy here in the bunker. Here I speak only for myself, although I’m pretty confident that the Captain is similarly inclined. In any case, I seem to do the bulk of the reviews (which is more to do with the fact that I just don’t get out much than anything else), so this applies mostly to myself anyway.

You may notice that, in the main, the reviews that we put up here are positive. This is not because we’re uncritical. The fact of the matter is that I don’t spend that much time on something if I think it sucks. If I haven’t found something to hold my attention within the first couple of tracks I generally consign whatever it is to the rubbish tip of history. At any given time I’ve got twenty or thirty things hanging fire waiting for review and a lot of other writing projects as well, so my attention span is a little limited. Is this an ideal situation? No, it isn’t. But one has a limited lifespan (and zombies to fight) so I just can’t give too much attention to mediocrity. I would prefer to give the greatest possible attention to things that are interesting. Although I don’t spend a lot of time listening to that which disappoints, when I hear something good I’d like to give it my full attention rather than just listening to the first two cuts and writing a review declaring them the next Aerosmith.

Of course, there is something quite enjoyable about writing bad reviews. I am reminded in this context of Arthur Fifield’s hilarious rejection letter to Gertrude Stein, which I reproduce here because it makes me laugh:letter

You will notice that when I (we) give poor marks it tends to be to something from an act with whom we’re already familiar. If a band has done something impressive in the past, that at least buys them a couple of full spins of their new project. I (we) don’t seek out things to hammer just because they suck. There is plenty of garbage in what’s left of the world, and the interweb has ensured that it gets wider exposure than ever before. There are any number of places where we could find shit. Basically, and fascist/white power/nationalist label will be fully stock with absolute sheep shit for moronic seig heiling crowd. But that’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Unless they manage to rise above the level of mere absurdity and incompetence we just can’t be bothered.

Anyway, part of our goal in starting this blog was to bring ourselves into contact with more interesting stuff, so feel free to suggest points of interest.


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