Review: Gut Feeling


Gut Feeling s/t EP

I’ve been slack lately, no doubt about it. Partly this had to do with a sojourn that I undertook to the wilds of the western high desert. While I was out there, of course, I caught a little plague that was going around in that part of the world. There is nothing that really puts the cap on time in the wilderness like a 103 degree fever and the feeling that one’s lungs have been stuffed with burning match sticks. Mrs. Mags and limped back here at a crawl, with the last few hours reduced to a painful, fevered psychedelic hellride. There were lots of laughs along the way, but I’ll spare you a minute accounting of the gory details.

I spent the first few days after I got back trying to recover, and it’s only in the last couple that I can actually sit up and get anything done. We’ve got a big backlog of things to write about, at least in terms of music to review. I think both the Captain and I are going to get out and see some shows. The same reasons that make this kind of a rarity for both of us also make it unwise to assume that it will happen until it actually happens, but that’s the plan anyways.

I’ve been meaning to get to Gut Feeling EP for a few weeks now, but just haven’t gotten around to it. This is one of those sort of serendipitous Bandcamp finds that happened for a somewhat trivial reason: I happened to like the cover. Perhaps there is a lesson here for bands. Why does having a decent cover matter, especially for a digital release? Because it might catch the eye of some old curmudgeon who otherwise wouldn’t take the 90 seconds to listen to one of your songs.

To return to the matter at hand, Gut Feeling are from North Carolina. They feature members of Catharsis, who if I recall correctly were like hardcore’s answer to Moonsorrow (i.e. their songs were really, really long). Catharsis were associated with CrimethInc, which if nothing else suggests a strong anarchist/autonomist ethic. Gut Feeling also have some connection to the deathmetal/hardcore crossover act Undying. I’d heard of them, but never heard them until I checked them out as background. They sound a bit like Black Dhalia Murder, except that they have the most guttural female vocalist that I have ever heard. Props to that.

Gut Feeling are much more in the straight hardcore sort of the vein. Younger people will probably have some different reference points, but to me they sounded like a slightly less earnest, but also darker version of Gorilla Biscuits. For what it’s worth, that is a pretty big compliment coming from me. The EP comprises four songs that are all tight and have a lot of punch. The arrangements have a good deal of variety while sticking well within that hardcore format. The singer sounds like a more restrained version of Anthony Civarelli, this continuing to validate GB as a point of comparison.

This music is a lot more straight forward that either of the precursor bands. For me, that’s a plus. Catharsis was great an all, but I never quite had the patience for their epics. Gut Feeling is direct, getting to the point with a minimum of fuss. The people doing this are long time vets, and they play with the kind power and precision that you would expect from this kind of pedigree. This could be one of those sort of project bands who doing bring out full records, but I see that they’re playing shows, so I hope that we can get a full cd out of them.


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