King of the Monsters: Closure/Moloch Split 7″

Closure/Moloch 7″

King of the Monsters


During the mid ‘90s, Arizona’s King of the Monsters was home to a bevy of brutal hardcore bands inclusive of Unruh, Absinthe, Creation is Crucifixion and Suicide Nation. The label eventually tried its hand at becoming a Southwestern version of Troubleman Unlimited. Releases by Fast Forward and Soiled Doves (among others) saw it move to embrace the burgeoning American post-punk and no-wave scenes with mixed results. The pace of releases, never voluminous even in its heyday, began to drop off and the label eventually shut up shop.

Reminding us that all good things don’t have to come to an end; King of the Monsters was resurrected in 2009.  The label slowly returned to its roots in brutality and has announced itself in a big way in 2012. The fine people at CVLT Nation are exclusively streaming the Closure/Moloch split 7” (released in conjunction with Feast of Tentacles). The Closure material is a delicious mix of metal-tinged crust core while Moloch offers up just under 5 minutes of crusty sludgecore. I highly recommend checking out the release here and then head over here to pick it up. While you’re over there make sure to pick up Enewetak’s Easy Rider Sessions Vol 3.

– captain of games

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