A Little Friday Afternoon Recognition

Magadh chilling in the bunker library with a little refreshment and his brand new Deathcycle shirt. Props to Chainsaw Safety for making this awesome band more generally available.

7 Responses to “A Little Friday Afternoon Recognition”

  1. anfield89 Says:

    Mind Homeland Security isn’t dispatched to inspect your belt.

  2. anfield89 Says:

    Mind the fuzz don’t take an interest in that belt son

  3. You don’t look very “enlightened” to me.
    I’m actually rather disappointed that my expectations on your appearance are exactly as you were described to me. I understand now why you hide behind a mask and shades as well as a keyboard.
    May I suggest a few sit ups? You’re looking rather soft in the belly not to mention your skull.
    Yes, Facebook is a place for “friends”.
    I would think Lord Buddha is also more than a little displeased
    as well.
    I never cease to be amused…

    • Ahh, the sad bleatings of the angry neo-nazi. Not sure what the buddha comment is supposed to be about, but I’m impressed that you’ve managed to come in from dancing around the fire and worshipping Wotan in the forest for long enough to look around at parts of the site that don’t directly relate to you.

      • Well first you view me as a “neo-nazi” only because I stand against the “anarchist” or leftist views which you clearly embrace.

        Any part of this pathetic little blog which pertain to me are all of your doing not mine. You wanted to poke at The Wolf, now you get bit.
        Don’t bitch and whine that it’s “someone else’s fault”
        when you post attacks against someone you know nothing about.

        Don’t blame others for your own mistakes and lack of intelligence as you crying leftist so called “Anarchist” always do.
        Be a man and accept responsibility for your own actions for once in you life.

        As far as my personal Spiritual beliefs I suppose if I were a Muslim you wouldn’t say anything for not wanting to “offend” anyone or perhaps out of complete terror they would come down on your slacker asses like a ton of bricks.

        But that shouldn’t scare big bad “anarchists” lie yourselves right?
        Poseurs. Attention seeking poseurs playing your part and games on the internet where you can hide your faces and real names like the little anti American pussies you are.

        You didn’t get the reference to Lord Buddha?
        My you certainly aren’t very enlightened or as intelligent as you think you are.

        Such a disappointment…

        Take Pride and God Bless America!
        Lucan Wolf

  4. Oh pal, you can’t really draw me out, mostly because I don’t care what you think (and I use that term loosely). Just so you understand, we’ve been allowing you to post here because the things that you write are so funny. That said, the gag is kind of getting old, so maybe we should all go our separate ways. Thanks for posting.

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